The Barnstable Living History Project aims to record and preserve living memories of Barnstable Village. In this excerpt of the project, local resident Robbie Stewart shares a memory of the harbor and the fishermen who worked there.

"The most beautiful sight, one that always to me was like a signature for Barnstable, was the fishermen...drying their nets out on Common Fields during the Second World War and shortly after,... and I believe one of them was Tony, an old Portuguese fisherman out there, and he knew how to sew nets. 

I remember the fishermen going out at 5:30 in the morning, and [hearing]...Portuguese fishermen and different dialects, and the put-puts of the boat. It was like a symphony Orchestra because it always seemed in the morning it was a dead calm.

They went outside of the harbor towards the back beach of Sandy Neck, over the point. They caught mackerel, cod, and flounder trap fishing, so you'd see them sorting them when they came (back) in."

© Mary Petiet

The postcard shows local fishermen from those days with their catch. From the The Sturgis Library archives collection of Barnstable Village Post cards ca. 1880-1980.

MS76_Catch_col (1).jpg