Connecting To Sacred Space

A Certain light infuses Cape Cod, especially at waters edge where we inhabit a thin arm jutting out into the Atlantic. Artists come here to paint in the light, the result of a low tree canopy and the endless blue reflection of the surrounding sea. You can still find the sibling of this light inhabiting Dutch art, flirting with the viewer from ornate museum frames, and running wildly off-canvas through the Dutch countryside. Light is energy in motion and energy is the fuel of all life.

The marshy place where this life proliferates, where land meets sea against a backdrop of sky is a sacred place of beginnings and endings, alpha and omega, book ended by the seasons, earth's knowing cycles. The tide goes in, the tide goes out. We receive, we give. There is stillness, and the odor of salt, the taste of salt, the recall of our first floating in the maternal ocean, the recall of the first salty soup from which all life emerged eons and eons ago. Our origins are here in the water, and they are preserved in the salt of our blood.

Excerpt from Homebound Publications' Anthology Wildness: Voices of the Sacred Landscape.